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Video Tapes to MP4 - VHS, 8mm, hi8, MiniDV + More! converts your old home movies into easy to play, store, copy or stream MP4 files for only $13 per tape.

Our simple, up front pricing includes most formats of consumer tapes, including:

VHS to MP4 - $13
VHS-C to MP4 - $13
8mm to MP4 - $13
Hi8 to MP4 - $13
Digital 8 to MP4 - $13
MiniDV to MP4 - $13
DVCam to MP4 - $13
BETAMax to MP4 - $13

Each tape is converted into its own MP4 file, and labelled as best as we can based on what is written or labelled on your tape - you can easily change file names on the FREE USB key provided to you with your video conversion order.

File Specs

File Size: 1-2GB Per Hour
File Format: MP4 (H.264 (x264))
File Label: As written (or sequential if no label)

Looking for different formats, compression ratios, codecs, etc? Contact us - we keep it simple to be optimal for most clients needs, but we're able to work with you to fit your specific situation.

Output Options

Video files are laaaaaaarge - a single video can be thousands of times larger than a standard scan from a printed photograph - and because of this, it is often difficult to provide clients files - either we're making dozens of data formatted DVDs that only hold 1-2 tapes, or we're charging customers for USB Keys or Hard Drives - both which add extra cost, difficulty, and confusion for clients.

We've made it simple - and with our commitment to always work to make our service more affordable we've built the cost of a suitable size USB key or External Hard Drive FREE with every order.

Every Order Includes:
1-4 tapes - 8GB USB - $0 FREE
4-10 tapes - 16GB USB - $0 FREE
10-30 Tapes - 32GB USB - $0 FREE
20-40 tapes - 64GB USB - $0 FREE
50+ Tapes - FREE External Hard Drive (1TB Minimum - Seagate or Western Digital)

You are reading that correctly - not only is our $13 per tape price the guaranteed lowest price in Canada, but we also offer you a USB key for FREE - charged at more than the price of the tape at our competitors! We are solely and 100% focused on promoting the digitization of your materials, and our ultra low pricing has been developed specifically to reflect this.

Some clients may prefer a DVD copy of their tapes, formatted for their television's DVD player - this is available for the same $13 per tape price, but our recommendation is to opt for the MP4 version with the complimentary USB.

Min Order Size & Info

Our minimum order size of $49 applies to all of our services, including our video tape transfers. Orders under 3 tapes are charged $49 plus HST.

We have no additional, hidden, or extra fees - $13 per tape & HST, and return shipping if required - That is all.

Our smallest size USB key is 8GB. We reserve the right to end this promotion at any time, and to substitute any brand, size, or speed USB key or hard drive at our discretion. USB keys are often rated at USB 2.0 speed, which have slower read/write speeds than a USB key you'd use for every day use.

Commercial Archives, Institutions, Corporate Archives

Large institutional, corporate, or archive? We have exclusive options for orders above 1000 hours of footage, including nearly all input and output formats - contact us for details through our large volume information center.


The EZ-Box
Get up to 1250 scans for one low price with

600 DPI $299







CURRENTLY AVAILABLE: Photos Slides35mm Negatives 8mm + Super 8 Video Tapes


Photo Scanning - From 20¢ each

Slide Scanning - From 25¢ each

Negative Scanning - From 34¢ each

Video Tape Transfers - From $13 each

1080p 8mm & Super 8 Transfers - From $11

Large Volume - 100,000+ Items: Learn how our innovative methods & processes can save your organization time & money.

SCANNOW Same Day Scanning - $99

Receive a FREE 8GB USB and get one of the following packages scanned as quick as 2 hours - learn more
250 photos at 600 DPI250 35mm Slides200 35mm negatives400 feet of 8mm 4 Video Tapes*

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: How do you provide files?

DVDs or Cloud Delivery (.zip format) are included in every order, while USB & Hard Drives may be provided or purchased

Q: Do you keep the order of the photos?

Yes, all order & organization is maintained - you can make folders too! Learn more

Q: May I place slides or negatives in the EZ-Box?

No, the EZ-Box is solely for printed photos - slides and negatives are billed separately at their per scan rates.

Q: May I ship my own package in or am I required to use the EZ-Box?

For orders containing multiple formats, or if it is more convenient to use your own packaging you may ship to us in an appropriate box. We accept all major couriers - return shipping is billed to the client via their preferred method.

See more of our Frequently Asked Questions, many with video answers from our staff!