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Pricing For 35mm Slides prides ourselves on honest, upfront pricing - We've been able to offer industry-wide low prices since our inception in 2009 by focusing on the best technology in the most efficient manner - our Slide Scanning Service is no exception!

Our two offerings give options for those looking for The Best Scan, and those looking for The Best Price

The Best Prices For Slide Scanning
25¢ - Standard Scans - 3500 DPI Start Scanning Now

The Best Scan For Your Slides
As Low As 55¢ - SuperSCANs - 4000 DPI Start Scanning Now

Our Slide Scans have helped thousands of families digitize and distribute their 35mm slides - easily sending a link to each family member to download and bring into their own Photo Management process.

Standard Scans are Nothing Standard:
3500+ DPI - Get massive 5000 x 3300 pixel files - that's 3x the resolution of an HD TV!
JPG files - Thats the standard for viewing & the most compatibility with everything!
2MB & 5MB - that's large enough to print 16" x 10" at 300 DPI.

That's MORE than many competitors offer at double the prices - do your homework!

That's the Best Pricing in Canada on Slide Scanning!

Want The BEST Image Quality Money Can Buy Here?

Our SuperSCANS give you just that - but they still don't break the bank!

SuperSCANs are SUPER Quality:
4000 DPI - Get massive 4000 DPI files - Large enough for almost any use
Digital ICE - Dust & Scratch Removal & Image Enhancements Included
JPG or TIFFs - SUPER Large (up to 180MB) uncompressed TIFFs, or JPGs with no compression - You Choose!


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"...the teams responsiveness, kindness, professionalism and great work is really appreciated."

- Nadia, Google Reviews


Are you passionate about digital technologies, family archives, spreading joy and preserving history?

Build your own business being a FAMILY ARCHIVE SPECIALIST!


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