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Scanning Printed Photographs - Our Core Service

With Over 3 Million Scans, We've Perfected The Digitization Process For Canadians From Vancouver To Montreal To Halifax From Our 100% Canadian Scanning Facility in Toronto

An Actual Unedited Scan From Our 10¢ Process - Click For Full Size

300 DPI Scans Just 10¢ Each
600 DPI Scans Just 18¢ Each
Simple, Honest, Up-Front Pricing - Oh Yeah, It's the GUARANTEED Lowest in Canada too.

Every Photo Scanning Order Includes:

High Resolution JPG Scans - Our expert staff scan & inspect every single photo onsite at our facility in Toronto.

Image Rotation - Your digital files are rotated to the correct orientation & act the same as your current digital camera's files

Scan In Order - We maintain your order & organization both in the digital scans & in the originals, which are returned to you.

Folders & Bundles - Write a title on a 4x6 Index card & use an elastic band to create folders - Min. 25 photos per

Up to 5 DVD Copies Or Cloud Delivery - Choose DVDs for the whole family, a convenient .zip download link, or purchase USB sticks at below market pricing.

Big Or Small - We Scan It All - Photos sized 2" x 2" up to 8" x 10" are included in our standard rates

We Are Canada's Photo Scanning Headquarters

From Coast to Coast, Canadians nationwide have trusted to bring their memories into the digital world - to preserve, protect, and publish their treasured memories at a tremendous value.

There are three ways to use our Photo Scanning service, depending on your needs & location.

Drop Off

- Customers Near Our GTA Facility
- Prepare in Your Own Box or Bin
- Multiple Formats (Slides, Videos, Negatives)

Pricing: Per Photo
10¢ @ 300 DPI / 18¢ @ 600 DPI

Dropoff Instructions


- Up to 1250 Scans Delivered FREE To Anywhere in Canada
- Prepaid Shipping Label Included
- Printed Photographs Only

Pricing: Per Box - Up to 1250 Scans with FREE Shipping

Order EZ-Box

Self Ship

- Your Own Box - Billed Per Scan
- Multiple Formats (Slides, Videos, Negatives)
- Return Shipping Via Canada Post

Pricing: Per Photo + Return Ship
10¢ @ 300 DPI / 18¢ @ 600 DPI

Shipping Instructions

A Note On Our Pricing

At we believe in providing the best pricing in the entire country - and we base every decision in our business around this philosophy. We have a minimum order size of $49 plus applicable taxes for scanning services (USB & Shipping charges are in addition to the $49) that helps allow us to provide these ultra low rates to every Canadian with their digitization project.

We put our best price forward every day - we don't have fake discounts or difficult promotions - just up-front, straight-forward, honest pricing for every client that beats any competitor nationwide. Please note that further monetary discounting of our services based on volume begins at 25,000 items. Visit our promotions page for current specials or included add-ons.

*Plus applicable taxes. Return shipping is by default Canada Post Expedited Parcel, billed sans-markup to the client.


Drop Off in Toronto - Visit Our Scanning Facility

Clients within the Greater Toronto Area can take advantage of's industry leading pricing in their own back yard - with extremely simple access from 3 major highways (1 straight road, with free parking 6 steps from our door!) getting your photos to couldn't be easier.

You'll need to ensure your photographs are prepared - some clients choose to be incredibly detailed in their order & organization, where as others opt to provide a box of loose images of various sizes - either way is OK.

Every printed photograph we receive is scanned within our scanning facility located at 208 Browns Line in South West Toronto. We're open 6 days per week including Monday to Friday until 7pm & Saturday until 4:30pm - our friendly staff can assist you in any and all queries - we're happy to provide any information we can on the scanning aspect of your project, or any general questions.

Steps To Start Your Project

1) Place your printed photographs in loose bundles (making folders with an elastic band if desired) in a box or bag suitable for your entire project. For drop off orders you may include other materials such as videos, slides, negatives and film reels.
2) Decide on your Resolution (300 or 600 DPI), your output medium (up to 5 DVDs, Cloud Delivery, or USB Copies), and your scanning timeline (Standard or Same Day ($))
3) Bring your photos to our Toronto Scanning Facility at 208 Browns Line - Open 6 days a week with no appointment required.

Want to speed up your time at drop off? Download our Order Input Form and fill out the required information at home.
208 Browns Line
Toronto, ON
M8W 3T4

The EZ-Box

The EZ-Box
Fill the box with up to 1250 printed photographs and have's expert scanning service create individual JPG files, maintaining your order & organization.
The EZ-Box includes FREE nationwide shipping - giving you direct access to Canada's best pricing right at your door!

• Up to 1250 JPG Scans - Photos from 2x2 up to 8x10*
• Image Rotation, Folders & Scan in Order included
• Cloud Delivery or Up to 5 DVD copies

Learn More Get Your Box Now


Shipping Address & Instructions

Our address for shipping is:
208 Browns Line
Toronto, ON M8W 3T4

[AKA Etobicoke, ON M8W 3T4]

We have existing relationships with all of the delivery professionals servicing our location for major couriers & Canada Post to ensure the safe & secure delivery of your materials. Our suggestion for the best value & service is to use Canada Post Parcel, Expedited Parcel or Xpresspost service but we will accept and use any preferred method.

Prepare Your Own Box & Pay The Lowest Rates in Canada

While our EZ-Box is a fantastic option for many digitization projects, many clients prefer to package all of their items up in one large shipment, including multiple formats (photos, slides, videos, negatives, reels, and more) within their order.

The process is simple - download & fill out our New Order Sheet*, find a suitable box for shipping, and prepare your photographs. Start by removing from albums, envelopes, boxes and bins - you can maintain order & organization with a 4x6 index card & an elastic band to create bundles, which are made into folders in your digital files. Please ensure that a minimum of 25 photos are in each folder, ideally 50+ (Most clients use years or people's names for folder names).

Timeline & Process

Upon receipt of your order, we will check the items into our scanning queue & generate a customer file for you. Our standard turn-around time is 10 business days - if there are any significantly delays expected you will be contacted immediately.

When your order has been completed an invoice is generated & sent to the email address provided - a Visa or Mastercard payment can be made online, which prompts the order into our outgoing shipping queue for return via Canada Post or your preferred method.


Choosing Your Resolution - 300 Or 600 DPI?

The most common question we receive at is What Resolution Should I Have My Photos Scanned At? The Answer? It depends on two things - your end use & your budget.

First, understanding what DPI is will help - DPI stands for Dots Per Inch, or in this case, Pixels Per Inch - if something was printed at 300 Dots Per Inch, that would mean in every square inch, 300 dots would be put down on the paper of various colours and position, which would make up your print.

300 DPI is the industry standard for high quality printing - in fact your original photos were likely printed at 300 DPI. Scanning at 600 DPI creates larger digital files - they're not necessarily a better quality, in fact if you were viewing them on an 1080p HDTV they'd look identical - that is because both scans would be scaled down to be displayed on the HDTV. Newer 4K screens can take advantage of the 600 DPI's additional resolution - with up to 2400 lines of horizontal resolution for standard 4x6 photos (4K TV's can display 2160 lines).

A common misconception with resolution is thinking that a higher resolution scan of a print is going to look better, brighter or sharper - in reality, the larger digital files give you more flexibility with working with your scans - something that you'll really appreciate if you're editing, printing, making photo books, or just looking for the largest scans you can get.

We'll never up-sell you to 600 DPI - we want to provide you with files that will work best for your job. If you're questioning what your best option is, reach out to our staff and let us know what your end goal is - we'll be happy to explain all of your available options and let you make the decision with the information catered to your project.

300 DPI
Printed Photograph
2x2 up to 8x10
600 DPI
Printed Photograph
2x2 up to 8x10

per photo

per photo
250kb - 750kb 500kb - 1.5mb
1800 x 1200
for a standard 4x6 photo
3600 x 2400
for a standard 4x6 photo
for Editing
for Editing

Scratching your head saying "But those look the same?" That's because DPI refers to the size of the digital file - not how good it looks.
If you're looking to maximize quality and have a higher budget consider scanning from the negatives - scanning from film will provide an even higher quality reproduction!

Resolution Examples & Samples

Unedited Scans of a 4x6 Photo in 300 & 600 DPI - The Exact Process We Use For 10¢ & 18¢ per photo. The two cut outs to the left are of the same photo, of the branches near the top of the tree at about "10 o'clock" in position. Note how they both look similar in sharpness, colour, noise, and visually - but when blown up to be full size, the 600 DPI image is much larger, which provides more flexibility when working with your scans.

600 DPI Scan @ 100%

300 DPI Scan @ 100%

Quick Links - Photo Scanning
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Our Per Photo Rates from 10¢ each - learn more.
I'd Like you to Ship me a EZ-Box, Including up to 1250 Scans & Free Shipping Nationwide.
300 DPI EZ-Box only $149 - Free Shipping Anywhere - learn more.
I'm Looking to Ship Photos in My Own Box
Have multiple sizes, formats, videos, slides and more? Package in your own box & pay the per photo price - learn more.
I have about 500 photos & I need them FAST! Can You Scan Today?
YES - Our ScanNOW Service gives you your scans in as little as 2 hours with a free 8GB USB - learn more.
I'm Trying to Decide Between 300 & 600 DPI - Help!
Both are great options - but if you need larger digital files, 600 DPI is the way to go - learn more.

The EZ-Box
Get up to 1250 scans for one low price with

300 DPI $149
600 DPI $249








CURRENTLY AVAILABLE: Photos Slides35mm Negatives 8mm + Super 8 Video Tapes


Photo Scanning - From 10¢ each

Slide Scanning - From 25¢ each

Negative Scanning - From 34¢ each

Video Tape Transfers - From $13 each

720p 8mm & Super 8 Transfers - From $11

Large Volume - 100,000+ Items: Learn how our innovative methods & processes can save your organization time & money.

SCANNOW Same Day Scanning - $99

Receive a FREE 8GB USB and get one of the following packages scanned as quick as 2 hours - learn more
500 photos @ 300 DPI250 photos at 600 DPI250 35mm Slides200 35mm negatives400 feet of 8mm 4 Video Tapes*

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: How do you provide files?

DVDs or Cloud Delivery (.zip format) are included in every order, while USB & Hard Drives may be provided or purchased

Q: Do you keep the order of the photos?

Yes, all order & organization is maintained - you can make folders too! Learn more

Q: May I place slides or negatives in the EZ-Box?

No, the EZ-Box is solely for printed photos - slides and negatives are billed separately at their per scan rates.

Q: May I ship my own package in or am I required to use the EZ-Box?

For orders containing multiple formats, or if it is more convenient to use your own packaging you may ship to us in an appropriate box. We accept all major couriers - return shipping is billed to the client via their preferred method.

See more of our Frequently Asked Questions, many with video answers from our staff!