11 Years Digitizing Canada's Memories!

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Our Scanning Company

Our Mission Statement: To preserve Canada's memories in digital formats at a affordable rate!

Like many families across Canada, PhotoScanning.ca founder Mat Dwyer was stuck with a mind-boggling time intensive project - preserve and share 60 years of family photographic memories currently stashed away in boxes and albums. After looking at boxes and boxes of photos it quickly became evident that there must be a better way! At that time, Mat vowed to help Canadians nationwide bring those photos out of basements and bring them to the digital world.

Nearly 11 years later, PhotoScanning.ca has grown to be one of Canada's largest scanning outfits. With millions of scans for thousands of clients nationwide, PhotoScanning.ca truly is Canada's low-cost leader in photo digitization. We haven't lost the mission we set out to do - we're still committed to providing an affordable, reliable method for bulk digitization.


In Canada alone we estimate that there are close to 4 billion photographs simply stashed away in basements and closets, ignored and susceptible to corrosion and damage.
The benefits of digitization and scanning are clear - digital files can be copied in a millisecond, shared across the world, and used in beautiful presentation options such as photo books or slideshows. Now, with Canada's best pricing, these benefits are attainable to the average Canadian family.

We hear stories on the news daily of horrific house fires, massive floods, or terrible natural disasters, and immediately we feel for the families involved. In most cases, a new house can be built, a new television purchased, and a new car can be leased, but what happens to the photographs, slides, and videos stored within those houses? The sad and disturbing fact is, they are gone for ever. Without copies of your photos, there is little to no way to recreate them. Luckily, all PhotoScanning.ca customers can avoid this situation!
The following are our core competencies:

Photo Scanning - Our main business is the reproduction of printed photographs in digital form. We use high end and efficient scanners to rapidly digitize each printed photograph at 600 DPI, the industry standard resolution for archiving, enlarging, or reprinting. With the large volumes we work with, we are able to become incredibly cost effective to Canadians - allowing the average Canadian to obtain electronic copies of each and every printed photograph in their personal albums. Experience the joy of reliving memories you've forgotten!

Slide Conversions - From our main Photo Scanning venture, we recognize that Canada is looking for a low cost, but high quality method for converting their 35mm slides to digital files. Whether for long term preservation, or just because the old slide projector is on the fritz, having a digital file of your slides will certainly be beneficial. Typical slide conversions currently involve time consuming scanners, which take up to 90 seconds per slide, hence they require a large per slide cost in order to stay in business. We have introduced a revolutionary process in the Canadian market by creating a cost effective, rapid, and automated slide conversion method that will provide you with digital files at an affordable price! We introduced Slide Scanning to our services in 2010, which are priced at an industry low of $0.25 per slide - which is fractions of our competitors price per slide. Our Slide Scanning page has more information!

Video Conversions - Our Photo Scanning customers were clear with their request - they want a cost effective bulk video transfer process, to bring their VHS, PAL VHS, 8mm, HI8, BETA, or Mini-DV tapes to the digital world! We offer these transfer services, typically in bulk, at discounted prices in our quest to help Canada's memories be preserved in digital formats. We are able to transfer your videos directly to DVD, or for the more advanced user, we are able to provide you directly with digital movie files, playable and editable on your home computers. Learn more on our Video Conversions page.

Additional Services - We are constantly reviewing additional products and services to offer our customer base, including Online Photo Backups (ensuring an offsite location always holds a copy of your photographs, accessible to you at any time), Photo Book publishing (via our exclusive photo book retailers in Canada, providing PhotoScanning.ca customers fantastic promotions), and enhancement/retouching of old photographs by trained graphic professionals. For information on additional services offered by PhotoScanning.ca, please contact us.

As a family run business, we appreciate and understand that many of you are deathly afraid of handing over your precious memories to a company you just discovered, and we will work to build your TRUST. Want to get to know us better? Simply call our toll free number, 1-866-9WE-SCAN (1-866-993-7226) to be connected with one of our Family Archive Specialists, who can guide you through the entire scanning process, answer any questions you may have, and initiate an order for you. As one of our customers commented recently, we are large enough to provide you with an amazing service, but small enough to care!


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