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35mm Negative Scanning

Convert 35mm Negatives to Digital JPG Files

We scan 35mm Negatives to 3000 x 2000 JPG files for the Guaranteed Nationwide Lowest Price of 34¢ per frame - including Digital ICE, order & organization, and full roll discounts.

For clients looking to achieve the highest quality at the most affordable rates, 35mm Negative Scanning by is an ideal solution.

We've re-purposed legacy equipment out of large scale photo labs to utilize the fantastic Kodak colour inversion process with the same quality output that your local photo lab used to make prints - rather than sending the file to the printer, our process creates a stand alone JPG file, suitable for editing, uploading, archiving and more.

Price of Scanning 35mm Negatives - 34¢ per frame

Minimum of 3 Frames Per Strip - Must Scan Whole Strip. Have uncut rolls? Save 10%

35mm Negative Scanning Details

File Type: JPG - 16 Bit TIFF Available, add 3¢
File Size: 750kb to 2 MB depending on content, colours, etc Pixel Size: 3000 x 2000 (Base 16, equivalent to approximately 2000 DPI)
Max Print Size: 8" x 10" while maintaining a high print resolution 35mm Negative File Outputs
All orders receive up to 5 DVD copies (default of 2) or a .zip file cloud download complimentary - 8GB USB keys are available for $6 if required, or can be provided by the client.

35mm Negative Scanning Features

Digital ICE Dust and Scratch Removal - Included for all colour 35mm negatives.
Folders, Rotation, & Organization - included (Per roll or envelope of approx 24 or 36)
Auto Exposure & Colour - included - Our scanning process compensates for different film stocks, giving you the best colour for your specific film!
Dust Removal - Digital ICE is only available for Colour Film (as an infrared pre-scan will not work with Black & White negatives), and DX codes for frame numbering can only be read from films that contain them.

Organizing Your 35mm Negatives

Many clients have their negatives stored in the retail negative sleeves that were provided during the develop process. Our process is intended to bundle negatives per roll, and folders can be identified with between 25 to 45 negatives. The DX Code information contains the frame number, and our process orders these files by frame number prior to our renaming process at the end of the job (files are labelled sequentially, image001.jpg, image002.jpg, etc).

Film submitted with DX Code information may be sorted & renamed based on original frame number within the roll.


35mm Film Negatives are scanned for 34¢ per frame, with a general minimum of 2 frames per strip.

TIFF Files are available for a 3¢ per frame premium

All frames on the strip must be scanned.

Orders consisting primarily of single cut negatives please contact us prior to scanning.

SuperSCANs are available for 75¢ per scan for 4000 DPI JPG or TIFF files.

Formats & Full Roll Discounts

Because of the reduced labour required, full uncut rolls are eligible for a 10% discount on the per frame price

Medium Format Negatives & Large Format Negatives

We offer a number of options for the digitization of medium & large format negatives, with our consumer facing versions being digitized on a Nikon Coolscan 8000 - providing up to 4000 DPI files with massive file sizes.

The Nikon Coolscan dedicated film scanner utilizes Digital ICE dust & scratch removal, along with a number of Kodak image processing enhancements to create fantastic scans. Prices are based on individual cut negatives or negative strips.

Medium Format Negs Standard $0.59 - 1200 DPI
Medium Format Pos Standard $0.59 - 1200 DPI
Medium Format Negs SuperSCANS $0.75 - 2400 DPI
Medium Format Pos SuperSCANS $0.75 - 2400 DPI

Medium Format (120 film format) Negatives Do you have 120 format negatives to be scanned for your organization, company, or archive? is one of Canada's largest medium format scanning outfits, offering our services in this respect exclusively to large archives above 10,000 items - learn more in our Large Volume section about how our innovative and budget first approach can produce incredible quality images with micro organization for fractions of the price of our competitors.

Institutional & Organizations

While our focus maintains on providing low cost, high quality digitization options to consumers nationwide, we’ve applied these same methods to assist in the outsourcing for organizations & institutions across Canada - by using our efficient processes we’re able to drastically reduce budgets for high quality archival level scans.

Our large archive past clients include national broadcasters, health networks, multiple levels of government & multiple post secondary institutions - we’re able to custom design a process that gives you exactly what you need for a lower cost than anywhere else - it’s our guarantee.

Many large archives consist of negatives - 35mm or Medium (120) format, both of which we have extensive experience in digitizing.

We’re able to maintain file naming & organization structures across thousands of items, providing JPG, TIFF, or RAW files for archiving.

We provide complimentary samples (hundreds of items) digitized in all of our methods, so you can visually compare options using different scanners, levels, and outputs. Our staff is able to consult on appropriate properties of your project, efficiency & organizational tips, and backup & sharing options - simply reach out to us with a brief description of your project to receive a no-obligation no-cost overview of how outsourcing digitization can help you achieve your goals.

Organization & Preparation of 35mm Negative Strips or 35mm Negative Rolls

35mm Negatives are typically stored & organized in full rolls, cut strips in binder sheets, or cut strips in developed sleeves.

We aim to maintain all order & organization within your project - 35mm negatives are typically bundled by envelope or sheet, with advanced file labelling options available. By default, each developed sleeve will be a folder, named as labelled or sequentially.

Our standard process reads the DX Code information for frame ordering, which, if applicable, will order your frames as shot on your roll.

We will accept orders in any format, so there is no need to remove from sheets or pages. We will return items with the same organization that we received.

APS Negatives (Kodak’s Advantixx Photo System) contain negatives in a cartridge - we remove the negatives from the cartridge (which is perfectly safe), scan the roll, then label as per the roll number printed on the cartridge. The roll is then rewound individually & returned separate from the cartridge.

File Output

35mm Negatives have the following file output options:

Standard: JPG, TIFF

35mm, APS, 110? We Digitize Negatives!

We Scan ALL consumer formats of negatives, including 35mm, APS, 110, 120 Medium Format & more!

Our large transparency scanners can scan custom negative or positive film up to 11 x 17 - producing billboard worthy scans!


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How? We use dedicated negative scanners pulled directly from a mini-lab environment - then we build today's automation into the process. The result is nationwide low prices for excellent scans - Negative Scans are our suggested choice for Archives!

Negative Scans are just 34¢ Per Scan with Volume Discounts at 2500 items!


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