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We scan printed photographs to high resolution JPG files for the lowest prices coast to coast.

Scans start at just 10¢ each.

35mm Slides

Take advantage of Canada's best pricing on 35mm Slide Scanning for any formats in standard 2x2 mounts.

Scans start at just 25¢ each.

Video Tapes

We transfer most formats of tapes & convert to MP4 files on FREE USB key or DVD for one low price.

From $13 / Tape +FREE USB.

Film Reels

We offer frame by frame scanning of 8mm & Super 8 film - compiling the scans into a high quality .MP4 file.

8mm / Super 8 Reels from $11 per.
The EZ-Box
Fill the box with up to 1250 printed photographs and have's expert scanning service create individual JPG files, maintaining your order & organization.

The EZ-Box includes FREE nationwide shipping - giving you direct access to Canada's best pricing right at your door!

• Up to 1250 JPG Scans - Photos from 2x2 up to 8x10*
• Image Rotation, Folders & Scan in Order included
• Cloud Delivery, USB ($), Or Up To 5 DVD Copies

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Photo Scanning, Slide Scanning, & Negative Scanning in Canada

Since starting our journey in 2009, has strived to provide the most affordable option for bulk digitization in Canada - and we're proud to have been the choice of thousands of families to scan millions of memories from Vancouver to Halifax at our scanning facility in Toronto, Ontario.

Fuelled by our beginnings as a local pickup & delivery service, our rock bottom pricing and over the top service has sprawled the core business into multiple service areas - all while still keeping a razor sharp focus on maintaining our nationwide guaranteed lowest prices. We expanded from Scanning Printed Photographs into 35mm Slide Scanning, while customers quickly requested an affordable option for their hi8, 8mm, VHS, and MiniDV tapes to DVD or MP4 files. Most recently we have added two new film scanning services - 35mm Negative Scanning & Super 8 & 8mm Film Transfers - both offering fantastic quality outputs at - you guessed it - guaranteed lowest prices.

We've now taken our same money saving approach into our newest venture into large scale digitization for corporations, outsourcing options for museums, colleges, universities, libraries, and government archives - ask how our innovative processes can save your organization time and money with professional level results.

You won't find expensive radio ads or trade show displays from us - those marketing costs would be passed along to you in the form of higher prices. If you're looking for the absolute best pricing, extensive options, and a company that truly cares about helping complete your project give us a call, live chat, or drop by our shop - see why thousands of customers just like you have trusted with their family's memories and cherished the results.

Email me your questions directly at and I'll be happy to guide or help you in any way we can on your digitization project.

Mat Dwyer

P.s. Yes, that little baseball fan above is baby Mat - scanned as part of the project that started this company over 10 years ago!


From posting #ThrowbackThursdays on instagram to tagging your grade one class photo on Facebook, your scanned photos are meant to be shared.


The number one reason to digitize your photos is to preserve them - and digital files facilitate that. There's more you can, and should do - view our tips.


Scanned photos can be used to create professional photobooks, stunning slideshows, or beautiful canvas prints - Thanks to high resolution JPG files. Learn More & view exclusive deals & offers


All scans are standard JPG files, which act the same as your current digital camera - Enjoy on all your Devices, Smart TVs, digital photo frames, and more.